ExProTherm Remover

CODE: 702600

ExProTherm - Thermo Remover

Hybrid Car Body Repair - Carbon fiber / Aluminium

Equipment for controlled removal of polymeric adhesives in car body joints (carbon fiber).

In practice, ExProTherm is applied to new generation cars, such as Lamborghini Huracan / Spyder and Audi R8.

Note: Item supplied also for USA/UL 110V Version - Art. N° 702610

Operating principle: modern car body constructions contain many different adhesive joints. ExProTherm was designed specifically for such cases. The operating principle of this device is mainly based on the technology, where the exact amount of temperature is applied in the exact place of the treated car body element, just onto the glued seam.

The purpose of the temperature treatment is to break the cohesion power, which destroys the binding strength of the adhesive. In this case, any danger of damage of the main car body element is avoided, which allows the repairer to make the precise calculations of the costs for the repair.

ExProTherm Remover ExProTherm Remover ExProTherm Remover
ExProTherm Remover
  • Safe and controlled application
  • Gentle influence on the material
  • Universal and flexible
  • Modular and future-oriented
  • Recource-saving
  • Packing unit: 1 pc.
  • Specifics: Audi approval
  • Certificatons: CE / UL
  • Supply voltage: 230/110V (USA)
  • Net weight: 144.00
  • Gross weight: 181.00